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Job offers

APEM is looking for his

Responsible for the group’s internal and external communications and for technical sales training.


This is a new position, which is being created in order to federate the local APEM group teams operating in 9 different countries (mainly in Europe and in USA). 

 Each local entity can be likened to an entrepreneurial small/medium-size company, a fully-fledged profit centre operating in a very autonomous mode.

The position is based in Caussade (82- France)at the headquarters of the APEM group  


  • Communications

 To develop the creation, the quality and the consistency of the form and the content of internal and external communications in accordance with the strategy, guidelines and values of the APEM group.

 To audit the communications activities of group companies, particularly with respect to the utilisation of and current and future needs for company web sites; this will involve working closely with our IT specialist.

 To propose action plans to ensure consistency between the different APEM group companies’ web sites. Assist each company according to its needs.

 To help to develop traffic (on APEM company web sites) (white papers….)

 To take part in the creation of communication tools and support materials for commercial action plans e.g. brochures, catalogues, web sites, demonstration units, with the support of local product managers. Alternatively, in countries with limited resources, it will be necessary to become actively involved in operational issues.

 To ensure that action plans are implemented, followed up and updated locally.

 To disseminate within the APEM group the best practices which have been identified in each country.

 To establish and coordinate a schedule of attendance at professional trade fairs and exhibitions for the APEM group.

 At a later stage, subject to actual needs, to coordinate media plans for the APEM group.

  • Training

 To audit the technical sales training tools currently available in the different APEM group companies. Subsequently, to produce reference training modules and ensure that they are regularly updated.

 To coordinate and/or produce product and application training materials for the internal and external sales force, working with the related product managers e.g. new product launches, sales & marketing campaigns targeting specific market niches, initial training sessions, follow-up training sessions.

 To propose actions to improve the level of training, according to specific needs.

 To ensure that a common knowledge base is available to the sales forces of every APEM group company (technical information, standards, sales documentation,….)

 To disseminate within the APEM group the best practices which have been identified in each country.

 To be recognised as the undisputed leader in the field of training (methodology) within the APEM group

 At a later stage, to envisage the creation of a fully-fledged training centre.


Requisite qualities

Excellent aptitude for communication

Excellent pedagogical skills

Aptitude for working in multi-cultural and international environments

Bilingual English/French - English will be the working language – another language would be an advantage

Good knowledge of Internet environments



Technical training – an Engineering or Science Degree would be an advantage

Rather than formal educational qualifications, the experience and the personality of the candidate will be determining factors.

Experience of teaching and/or communication and industrial marketing would be valuable.

Please apply to

Miss Sabine CISA , e-mail :

CH Products
Tel:  (760) 598-2518