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Multi Function Panel

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Multi Function Panel

Distinctive features

The Multi Function Panel is the revolutionary, fully programmable keyboard for gaming, design and other PC applications.   Expanding on the role of the traditional keyboard, the MFP allows the user to program individual keys to emulate any combination of the following:

- Keystrokes
- Joystick buttons
- Mouse buttons
- Joystick axis
- Mouse axis

Each wireless, programmable key is re-usable and can easily be removed and repositioned anywhere on the clear MFP tray.  With its inexhaustable "molecular velcro" technology, create a completely new customized layout for each of your computing needs.


  • Requires Control Manager 4.2 or later installed (included) 
  • Compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista, 7 & 8*
  • Not Macintosh compatible

    * Windows 8 requires latest version of Control Manager v4.55a  

    All MFP's purchased after November 2010 are NOT compatible with earlier versions.  This is not a feature upgrade, but firmware change only.

     Versions are color coded for your convience, and cannot be mixed.

    Earlier model: White CH logo on Panel compatible with keys with white CH logo
    NEW version:  Green CH logo on Panel compatible with keys with green CH logo


  • Typical Applications

    CONTROL MANAGER PC Software Download-
    Version 4.xx 

    Download the current version of Control Manager 
    Software here. 

    PLEASE NOTE: This software is programming software only.  NOT DEVICE DRIVERS!  If you are unsure if you need this software, do not install.


    The Control Manager software allows a user to program their CH USB devices. The CH Control Manager currently supports the following CH USB devices…

    • Eclipse Yoke
    • Multi Function Panel (MFP)
    • Fighterstick
    • Combatstick
    • Flightstick Pro
    • Flight Sim Yoke
    • Pro Throttle
    • Throttle Quadrant
    • Pro Pedals 


    The Control Manager is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, XP 64bit Edition, Windows Vista (all editions), as well as Windows 7 (all editions). It is only compatible with CH USB devices.

    Installation Instructions

    Before installing the newest version of Control Manager, be sure to uninstall any previous versions from your computer. Also, be sure that any anti-virus software is disabled.

    How do I install the Control Manager?

    Select your version of Windows from the drop down menu and click on the "DOWNLOAD" button to begin downloading the CH Control Manager.

    • Windows 98 and ME users must disconnect all CH USB devices before installing the Control Manager.
    • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 users must connect all CH USB controllers before installing the Control Manager. MFP owners must install the CH Control Manager BEFORE connecting the MFP.

    Once the download is completed, double click on the "setup" icon to begin installation of the Control Manager.

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