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Switch Based Joysticks

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NZ Series

Ultra Compact Switch Joysticks

The NZ Series is a family of ultra compact switch joysticks, designed for the control of either machine functions or menu navigation. With above panel options that mimic the look of either a joystick or a toggle switch, the NZ series offers an IP67 panel sealed, two axes control, in a compact below panel housing.


1000 Series

The 1000 Series is a versatile range of low cost switch joysticks and is ideal for light to medium duty environments where proportional control is not a necessity. Configurable with either single or double pole switching, the 1000 Series can also be specified as screw or bush mounted. There are two construction options, based on the use of either V3 or V4 switches. V4 switches may be specified with 6A or 10A operation, yielding a smaller joystick than the construction employed for V3 switches which yields up to 16A operation.


8000 Series

The 8000 Series is a family of rugged switch joysticks. Based on the proven mechanics of the 9000 Series, the 8000 Series utilizes high quality microswitches to provide a range of possible outputs, including the option of progressive switching on a single axis for dual speed control.

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