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New options available for the Hall effect Thumbstick series 2013-11-08


APEM Inc. launches the TS Series new pushbutton option, making it one of the only “micro” Hall effect joysticks available with a tactile “selection” option.  Similar in size and operation to “gamepad” controls, the Thumbstick with pushbutton is ideally suited for military robotics, material handling and UAV and UGV operator control units.

Inside its sleek miniature package, the TS Thumbstick utilizes contactless Hall effect technology to provide long life proportional control up to one million lifecycles.  Featuring a miniature tactile switch protected under an elastomer boot, the new pushbutton feature provides an off-momentary validation or selection feature.  The new pushbutton handle is specified as the “Option 6” handle in the “Option Selection” guide.

The TS Series may also now be specified with a black oxide coated brass threaded D-flat housing, making for simplified drop-in panel installation.  The threaded metal body provides full EMC protection; including EMI, ESD, and is environmentally sealed up to IP69K. The new metal housing may be specified with a “T”, in the “Mounting Hardware” field of the TS Series’ “Option Selection” guide.  Mounting accessories for the new housing option include a stainless steel lock washer and hex-nut.

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New Miniature Hall Effect Control Wheel 2013-10-10


The CW Series uses proven non-contacting Hall-effect technology to provide highly reliable and accurate linear output.  Designed for integration into joystick handles and control grips, the CW Series enables system designers to optimize the ergonomics and efficiency of their control systems.

Featuring spring return to center mechanism, the CW Series is ergonomically designed for precision finger-tip control making it ideal for repeated operations over long periods. It also features excellent proportional control, stable output, low noise and long life and is designed for panel mount applications as well as joystick integration.

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The SN Series T Bar Fader Controller 2013-06-24


The SN Series is a precision T Bar fader controller. 1. Contactless hall effect technology, using the latest generation sensor, results in reliable, noise-free operation. 2. A smooth consistent feel is achieved by utilising steel ball races and PTFE bearing surfaces. 3. The SN Series is available with analogue linear voltage or PWM outputs, having a range of factory configured gain settings. 4. Magnetic shielding ensures the SN Series is not adversely affected by other magnetic devices that are typically positioned close to it, such as reed switches. 5. The mechanical design is complemented by two aluminium handle options in ‘Barrel’ and‘Bullet’ styles

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The new NZ - series of compact switch joysticks 2013-06-19


The NZ Series is a very simple addition to the broad APEM product line, bridging the gap between joystick and switch.

The NZ Series can be supplied with a half sealing boot to mimic the look of a toggle switch or with a full sealing boot to more readily appear like a joystick.

The NZ Series can be supplied with no harness allowing the user to make their own connections with traditional cables and soldered joints.

The NZ Series may also be supplied with a tail connection, pre-fitted by the factory to provide a quick method of connection.

Functionality is MOM-OFF-MOM on each axis.

The NZ Series may appeal to a wide range of applications :

• Menu navigation of a computer based menu system.
• Simple machine controls where the joystick controls a single speed or direction
• Where two functions can be combined into one joystick

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RS Desktop Release 2012-09-07


CH Products Introduces the RS Desktop Joystick for Video Surveillance

Stylish and Affordable High Resolution Joystick for Professional Surveillance

Vista, CA, - CH Products introduces a compact and stylish addition to its range of professional USB desktop joysticks, the RS Desktop.Incorporating the latest generation Hall effect positioning sensor, the RS Desktop features a three axes joystick with 12 bit resolution.Supporting USB 2.0 HID “game controller” interface for “plug-and-play” connectivity, the RS Desktop is easy to use and compatible with a wide variety of video surveillance software applications.   Combining flexibility with high performance and a stylish design, the RS Desktop is an ideal choice for professional surveillance monitoring applications.  

Three Axes Hall Effect Joystick with 12 bit Resolution

The RS Desktop features a three axes joystick with 12 bit resolution, delivering superior “analog” like control for pan, tilt, and zoom cameras.The non-contacting Hall effect technology is durable and will provide more than 10 million operations.

Six Programmable Pushbutton Switches

CH Products’ RS Desktop features six programmable pushbuttons which are ideal for camera selection, presets, and touring functions.Button labels and legends may be customized for specific applications.

Stylish and affordable

The RS Desktop is a unique addition to CH Products line of professional desktop joysticks. Thanks to its ultra compact and high stylish cosmetic design, it is the ideal choice for surveillance applications in retail, hotel, restaurant, education and corporate markets.The RS Desktop was efficiently engineered with a minimalist design to provide a cost effective professional solution to the customer.

USB 2.0 Interface

Featuring USB 2.0 interface, the RS Desktop integrates seamlessly with software applications supporting USB joystick inputs via Microsoft DirectX.No device driver or manufacture specific SDK is required, the RS Desktop is recognized as a standard HID three axes, six button “game controller” joystick.The RS Desktop’s axes and buttons are programmable and function assignment is dependant on the controlled application.


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